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Why Do I have White Spots on My Teeth?

White spots can sometime appear on perfectly healthy teeth. One such time this can happen is when the enamel of developing adult teeth is exposed to too much fluoride – a condition known as fluorosis.

There are no Vacations from Oral Hygiene

Summer is here and with it comes family vacations, camping, traveling, and exploring new places. These are an exciting next few months, but before you leave we’d like to offer a few tips and reminders about caring for your teeth and gums while you’re away
Defeating Bad Breath

Defeating Bad Breath

Imagine sitting in the middle of a date, an interview, or a party with friends and realizing your breath is far from minty-fresh. We’ve all been there. Everything seems to be going along just fine and all a sudden our confidence is defeated and the event turns as sour as our breath. But why do we get bad breath and what can we do to prevent it?
Some Facts About Root Canals

Some Facts About Root Canals

There’s an old cliché: “That’s worse than getting a root canal”, sometimes expressed as, “I’d rather have a root canal than….”. Don’t worry, any dental technique that may have spawned these phrases is long gone. Having a root canal is not the painful, stressful, procedure you might think.
Relief for a Burned Mouth

Relief for a Burned Mouth

Have ever burned your mouth or tongue by taking a nice big bite out of a hot slice of pizza, sipping a spoonful of boiling soup, fresh off the stove, or perhaps taken a gulp from a cup of scalding coffee or tea? If so, you know how painful that can be.
Dental veneers chevy chase

Introduction to Veneers

Some of us have teeth that are not as white or as close to perfection as we would like them to be.  Perhaps a tooth has been chipped or fractured.  In some cases, teeth may have become discolored from age, smoking, or the beverages we drink.

Nail Biting and Your Dental Health

Between a quarter and a third of all children and nearly half of all teenagers bite their nails.  Whether from nervousness, anxiety, or simple habit, nail biting can have a negative effect on the person’s health.
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