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Preventive Dental Care in Fairfax

Preventive dental care is a vital part of maintaining healthy teeth and gums throughout your life.  No matter your age, you should practice good oral hygiene at home and schedule regular checkups with your dentist.

Here are a few things you can do to keep that bright and healthy smile, and prevent the build-up of plaque and the onset of cavities.

  • Brush your teeth regularly, at least twice a day, with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Use toothpaste with fluoride to help keep the enamel strong.
  • Brush the top surface of your tongue to help remove extra plaque-causing particles – this will also help keep your breath nice and fresh.
  • Clean between your teeth with floss at least once per day.
  • Use mouthwash once a day to help dislodge any additional decay-causing food particles and bacteria from areas the brush and floss could not reach.
  • Eat a balanced diet, including plenty of raw vegetables, cheese, plain yogurt and fruit.
  • Avoid soda and sugary foods.
  • If you participate in sports – whenever possible, wear a mouth guard.
  • Visit your dentist regularly, every six months and ask about any other ways to protect and maintain your teeth – dentistry is a rapidly advancing field.

Brushing Instructions

  1. Place your toothbrush, touching your teeth, at a 45 degree angle to your gums
  2. Move the brush gently, in a circular motion.
  3. Make sure to brush the inner, outer and chewing surfaces of each individual tooth.
  4. The tip of your brush can be used to brush the inner surface of your front teeth

Flossing Instructions

    1. Wind about 18” of dental floss around your index fingers with about an inch of floss available between them.
    2. Most of the floss should be wrapped around one of the fingers with the other acting as the “pick up spool” as the floss is used to clean your teeth.
    3. Use your forefingers and thumbs to guide the floss between your teeth. Hold the floss firmly as you move the floss in a sawing pattern.
    4. Slide the floss up and down against and between each tooth.

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